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            The Board continued

                                    Mr. B Stagman (“Brett”)
                                    Independent Non-Executive Director
                                    Brett was appointed as an independent non-executive director of the Company on 30 October 2019. Brett
                                    holds a BCom (Hons) degree from the University of South Africa and is a Chartered Accountant (SA). Brett
                                    currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of BluChip Retail Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Prior to the current
                                    position, Brett  assumed the roles of Chief Financial Officer for Loreal’s manufacturing division in South
                                    Africa as well as Group Chief Financial Officer for Africa Prepaid Services (Proprietary) Limited.
                                    Brett has also been appointed as a member of both the Audit and Risk Committee as well as the
                                    Remuneration Committee of the Company.
                                    Brett is 46 years old

                                    Statucor (Pty) Ltd represented by Mr Alun Rich (“Alun” )
                                    Company Secretary
                                    Alun is a Fellow member of ICSA and gained his experience and knowledge of corporate governance as
                                    manager at Deloitte & Touché and as the founding partner of Wilson Rich & Associates.

                                    Changes in office
                                    Mr James Slabbert, who assumed the role of executive chairman of the Board from 1 September 2019,
                                    moved into the role of non-executive chairman from 10 October 2019. James resumed the role of
                                    executive chairman from 9 June 2020.

                                    Ms. HH Hickey and Mr. WJ Groenewald both resigned on 31 August 2019.

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